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A Letter from Our Founder

Hi there,

At the end of January, my team and I took a call to stop food tours and our #onedishDXB videos because the case count in the city was alarmingly high. We didn’t want to take any risks for our guests nor for ourselves. Despite all the precautions, a few days later I tested positive (not because of the tours. I haven’t given one in a while as I have a toddler—my lovely sister Farida has been leading the charge out on the field.) Once I fell sick, the virus wreaked havoc on the rest of my family. While we are all thankfully recovered now and out of danger, those weeks were some of the darkest times in our lives—being sick, isolated and unable to take care of each other despite living next door to one another.

We’re currently still not doing tours and won’t be back out on the field until we truly feel safe again. 2020 was devastating for tourism companies like ours and it might be a very long while before we can recoup our basic costs. That’s why once again, I’d like to ask for your support in keeping our business alive through these dormant months.

Please consider purchasing any (or all!) of our digital tour guides that we’ve designed so you can still wander the city on your own in person, or virtually even from afar! We have two kinds of digital guides:

  • Our Ultimate Guide to Dubai’s Spice Souk (available through any web browser or as an app for Apple / Android) which is a handy guide to over 70 different curious ingredients from our local spice souk. This is priced at AED 52.50 (including VAT).
  • PDF guides listing the restaurant locations and what we recommend ordering on our 3 signature tours: Dubai Souks and Creekside Food Walk, Middle Eastern Food Pilgrimage and Little India on a Plate. We share these guides over email. Please know that the price of 157.50 AED per guide (including VAT) reflects the research, time and passion we’ve invested in refining our best-selling tour routes over the years. Think of this as our “secret sauce” with many of the best ingredients written down so that you can experience them even when we’re not running the tours. The in-person tour experience is obviously far better (we’re biased!) but this is our safest alternative to empower you to experience Dubai as we locals love to do ourselves.

If you’d like to support us with a higher amount, simply increase the quantity to select a different amount (please watch this video which walks you through the steps to supporting us with a custom amount of your choice.)

Once you purchase the guide, we’ll send you all the information over email—and a virtual mountain of gratitude for helping us through this turbulent time.

We know everyone has a lot going on right now, so even if you’re unable to support us, please send us your positive vibes and prayers—and know that we’re sending you ours. Stay safe, double-masked and healthy.

Scrumptiously yours,

Arva Ahmed
Chief Executive Muncher & Founder

About The Ultimate Guide to The Spice Souk

Our online and mobile-friendly guidebook is your virtual ticket to the intriguing alleys of Dubai's historic spice souk.

  • Our online and mobile-friendly guidebook is your virtual ticket to the intriguing alleys of Dubai’s historic spice souk.
  • A fun learning tool about spices and herbs that’s easy to read and full of vibrant photos. Perfect for adults and children!
  • Available online via browser or as a mobile app for Google Play and App Store where it can be downloaded for offline access.
  • 74 souk ingredients (culinary, medicinal and/or cosmetic) demystified! We’ve distilled months of research into easy-to-follow descriptions.
  • A must-have if you’re looking to learn more than the ordinary click-and-run tourist that visits this historical bazaar.
  • An informative souvenir especially if you’ve enjoyed playing SPINGO—Spice Bingo—on our Dubai Souks and Creekside Food Walk.

If I purchase multiple guidebooks, can I get multiple login accounts?

Absolutely! If you’ve purchased multiple guidebooks and would like extra login accounts, just reply to our account activation email and we’d be happy to set you up with more accounts.

I’ve purchased a guidebook. Now how do I access it?

Once you’ve purchased a guidebook on our website, we will send you detailed instructions on how to access it within 2 business days (please note that we are closed on Fridays). The instructions will guide you on how to open the guidebook through your desktop browser or mobile.

Do I need an internet connection to access my guidebook?

Yes, for the most part, you do need an internet connection to access the guidebook. The only option for offline access is through the mobile app for the Ultimate Guide to Dubai’s Spice Souk. Once downloaded to the mobile app and if you select the option to keep the app always logged in—as logging in again will require an internet connection—this guidebook can be accessed offline.

How many devices may I use to access my guidebook?

Up to two! You may access our Ultimate Guide to Dubai’s Spice Souk through a web browser or mobile app (available on Google Play. Coming soon to App Store too!) 2 different web browsers on the same device are counted as 2 separate login devices.

Please note that multiple additional login attempts from different devices and browsers might cause your password to be revoked and would require you to purchase a new code to access the guidebook.

May I share my guidebook with others?

If you’ve purchased multiple guidebooks, we’d be happy to set you up with other login accounts that you can gift to friends and family.

However for any one login account, the guidebook access is for the user’s personal use only on up to two different devices/platforms. Multiple uses of the same password on different devices/platforms in excess of two will cause the password to be blocked automatically and a new one would need to be purchased.

Oh no, my guidebook password has been blocked! Now what?

A password gets blocked automatically if the guidebook was accessed using the same password across multiple devices/platforms. This violates our terms of use and you would need to purchase a new password.