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October 31, 2020

Indian Street Food in Dubai: What to Try & Where to Find It?

Nearly all Indians, whether in India or abroad, hold Indian street food or chaat dear to heart. Indian expats in Dubai are spoiled for choice by the many Indian restaurants…
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October 26, 2020

6 Unique Feasting Ideas for this Festive Season

If cooking a festive meal seems scary but restaurant takeout feels shabby, try one of these ideas for a feast your guests won't forget.
Food during a Frying Pan Adventures food tourDubai TipsMost Popular Posts
October 26, 2020

Food in Dubai: Top 9 Eats You’ve Got to Try in Dubai

Our founder shares her hit list of food in Dubai that you've got to eat if your tastebuds find their way to this delicious city.

The Deep Fried Podcast

Palestinian za'atar and cheese manousheh in Dubai at Mama'eshThe Deep Fried Podcast
May 31, 2021

The Best Palestinian Za’atar & Cheese Mana’eesh Bakery in Dubai

We meet up with the founder of our favourite Palestinian bakery, Mama'esh, to make a piping hot za'atar and cheese manousheh. Given the recent horrific war through May 2021 in…
The Broth Lab - Bone Broth DubaiThe Deep Fried Podcast
May 17, 2021

How to Get Grandma-Style Bone Broth in Dubai

We learn the nutritional secrets and top tips for grandma-style bone broth with Hadil Al Khatib, the founder of The Broth Lab. Hadil Al Khatib is a bone broth evangelist,…
The Deep Fried Podcast
May 3, 2021

Where to Find Authentic Tres Leches in Dubai

The granddaughter of a baker who started a Tres Leches dynasty in 1982 in Mexico City now brings her family tradition to Dubai. Alicia Luna Baeza, a mother of 10…

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